BOLD Entertainment

Groundbreaking public events!


No challange too big

With experiance and motivation, BOLD has to resources to organize just about any event. Our flagship event, the Long Island Summer Festival, is now entering its third year with more to offer than ever.


Community Engagement

80% of attandees come from within 5 miles of venue

Attendance that matters

150% increase in attendance year over year

Media Partners

Most partnerships of any other event on Long Island

Unique Attractions

Hot Air Balloons

Events designed to promote you!

Sponsorships designed to get results

Brnad Engagements

Media promotions like no other

Spectacular bright images projected on our screen, the full size of the booth, and huge powerful JBL speakers make for a truly enjoyable experience under the stars.

Looking to impress your clients? The BOLD Mobile Unit offers many of the same technical capabilities and comfort as your station's studio.

Outdoor Presentations

The BOLD Mobile Entertainment Unit is the perfect backdrop/support mechanism for a lecture or seminar outdoors. Attendees will be much more attentive to details and feel fully relax during your presentation.



What it Looks Like

Everyone Loves BOLFD Events



Interested in reserving the BOLD Mobile Unit for your next event?

755 Waverly Ave.
Suite 203
Holtsville, NY 11742

(516) 382-7651