BOLD Mobile Entertainment Unit

Make a BOLD impression at your next event!


"The possibilities are endless…"

A complete entertainment system on wheels, the BOLD Mobile Entertainment Unit is the perfect stage and centerpiece for any event. Providing impressive high power, high-quality stereo sound to your audience in an attractive package that fits perfectly into any type of event environment.

Units are available for rent/lease in the Long Island/Mid-Florida regions.

Make a BOLD impression at your next event !


The Ultimate DJ Platform

The biggest thing at your next event will be you with BOLD's all-new Mobile Entertainment Unit.

Movies under the stars

Enjoy an outdoor movie or video presentation using BOLD's Mobile Entertainment Unit as a theater.

Live Broadcasting

Do a live radio broadcast from any location using BOLD's Mobile Entertainment Unit, with all the conveniences of your studio back at the station.

Outdoor Lectures

Bring your employees together to enjoy a quality web-inar anywhere on Long Island!

If this doesn't "WOW" them, then nothing will.

The ultimate DJ platform

The BOLD Mobile Entertainment Unit is a unique - custom made, high power stereo system on wheels. It can be customized to match your technical and aesthetic needs. Our unit can be easily branded to show off your own company's identity.

Movies under the stars

Spectacular bright images projected on our screen, the full size of the booth, and huge powerful JBL speakers make for a truly enjoyable experience under the stars.

Live Broadcasting

Looking to impress your clients? The BOLD Mobile Unit offers many of the same technical capabilities and comfort as your station's studio.

Outdoor Presentations

The BOLD Mobile Entertainment Unit is the perfect backdrop/support mechanism for a lecture or seminar outdoors. Attendees will be much more attentive to details and feel fully relax during your presentation.


What it Looks Like



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