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Fly high with an innovative app for your Air Show!

In today's world, everyone has a smartphone, and they are always on it. Don't get left behind. Your audience wants a mobile application, and BOLD is here to deliver it. With our help, you can connect your audience with vendors, performers, and each other in a way that wasn't possible 5 years ago. BOLD prides itself in out customer satisfaction and the quality of our applications.


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Why choose BOLD?

  • 24/7 support on applications
  • Live New York based support team to run and monitor your applications throughout your air show!
  • Applications are produced only in the United States by a highly trained and professional staff.

  • BOLD offers expert support for your air show including coordinating necessary cellular carrier support to ensure mobile applications receive the speed and stability you would expect for your show.
  • When you work with BOLD you receive the expertise of a large company, with the devotion and individual attention of a small company.

Customize Your App

Pick a few of these to make your app BOLD


Spectators will be able to share photos from the show, and let others know they like their photos.


Have a high traffic show? Let your audience know how to get there, and where to go once they are there.


Everyone wants to know when their favorite performer is coming on, so let them! Create a list of each performer, then edit that list at anytime, even during the show.

Performer Biographies

Spectators will be able to view photo albums and read a biography on each performer.

Listen Along

Many people want to listen along to the show, either the announcer or air traffic control, with BOLD you can let them.

Venue Map

You may have a show spanning a large area, and what better way to show your audience where they can find stuff than with a digital map?



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